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  • Tackling modern slavery

    Last week saw the disturbing news from the National Crime Agency (NCA) that the criminal offences of modern slavery and human trafficking are far more prevalent in the UK than previously thought. On 10 August the NCA released figures showing there are currently more than 300 live policing operations targeting modern slavery in the UK, … Continue reading Tackling modern slavery

  • Dishonesty means dishonesty

    In criminal law, the law surrounding the concept of dishonesty, an element in many charges, has been largely settled since 1982, by the famous judgement of Lord Lane in R v Ghosh, requiring both proof of subjective and objective dishonesty. The issue has been less clear in regulatory cases, and was seemingly turned on its … Continue reading Dishonesty means dishonesty

  • The uncertainty of regularity

    The Education Act 1996 is a wide ranging piece of legislation, much of which is now repealed, comprising of 583 sections and an additional 40 schedules. Those involved in drafting the Act, more than 20 years ago, probably did not expect that in the future a Supreme Court of England and Wales would need to … Continue reading The uncertainty of regularity

  • A score for the police?

    A surprising theft conviction was reported in the media this week, when a 23 year old woman was convicted of theft after keeping a £20 note she found in a shop in Blurton, Staffordshire.  Three months after picking up the money, the woman was contacted by the police and asked to attend a voluntary police … Continue reading A score for the police?

  • Or the beginning of corporate prosecution?

    In January 2017, HM Government opened a call for evidence on the reform of corporate criminal liability. The main motivation for this being  the perception that it is too difficult to prosecute companies in England and Wales.

  • The Beautiful game

    The past week has seen the slow release of numerous allegations of improper conduct in football, which has resulted in sackings, calls for further investigation and the resignation of the England Manager, Sam Allardyce after one game in charge in what he described as “an error of judgement on my behalf“. Although the various allegations, … Continue reading The Beautiful game

  • The curious case of Ryan Lochte

    By far the most high profile non-sporting incident to occur during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil was an incident involving four swimmers from Team USA, the most high profile of whom was Ryan Lochte, the winner of twelve gold medals across four separate Olympic Games.

  • A focus on cybercrime

    Two significant cybercrime developments occurred this week. On 6 July 2016 the European Commission published the Directive on security of network and information systems. The Directive will enter into force in August 2016. Member States will have 21 months to transpose the Directive into their national laws and 6 months more to identify operators of … Continue reading A focus on cybercrime

  • Is the SARs regime fit for purpose?

    In February 2015, the Home Office launched a “call for information” on the Suspicious Activity Reports regime. The call recognised that the current system needed to be reviewed, and requested responses to a number of questions, including improved identification, information sharing, efficiency of reporting and consent and international best practice. In October 2015, the Home … Continue reading Is the SARs regime fit for purpose?

  • Corporate liability in respect of forged documents

    Ryanair were in court this week to appeal two civil fines imposed  by the Home Office under a provision of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, which permits the Home Secretary to penalize airline and ship owners if individuals arrive at UK passport control barriers without correct identity documents.

  • SFO Director’s contract extended by two years

    The Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC MP, has announced that the Director of the Serious Fraud Office, David Green CB QC, has had his contract extended for a period of two years. This means that he will be in post until at least 20 April 2018.

  • Hitachi Ltd: African Development Bank debars company for paying bribes

    The African Development Bank Group, the group dedicated to sustainable economic development and social progress in its member countries, has reached a settlement with Hitachi Ltd over allegations of bribery. Hitachi previously agreed to pay $19m to settle charges brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in September 2015, considered in a earlier blog.

  • A high bar for DPA suitability

    The joint head of bribery and corruption at the SFO, Ben Morgan, gave a speech to the Managing Risk and Mitigating Litigation Conference on 1 December 2015. The speech was timely: the previous day Lord Justice Leveson approved the UK’s first ever deferred prosecution agreement, between the SFO and ICBC Standard Bank plc. The subject … Continue reading A high bar for DPA suitability

  • The rise of the virtual court

    The Ministry of Justice has given the green light for an increase in the number of criminal cases held remotely, following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

  • A busy week for the Serious Fraud Office

    It has been a busy week for the Serious Fraud Office. On Monday, it was reported that the company Arriva could be subject to an investigation after incorrectly self-reporting figures on a deal to provide non-emergency patient transport in the Greater Manchester Area, earning £1.5m in incentive fees.

  • Volkswagen: the investigation widens

    The Volkswagen investigation has widened after two developments this week. On 2 November 2015, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a second notice of violation to Volkswagen, alleging that the company developed and installed a defeat device in certain VW, Audi and Porsche diesel vehicles equipped with 3.0 liter engines that increases emissions … Continue reading Volkswagen: the investigation widens

  • Arck LLP prosecution: another lengthy sentence for fraud

    Two individuals were sentenced on Friday for their involvement in the SFO’s Arck LPP investigation.  Arck LLP was described as an “elaborate scam” which defrauded investors, in some cases of life savings and pension funds. Two individuals plead guilty to charges under the Fraud Act 2006. A charge of forgery remains on file.

  • A missed opportunity?

    Since the previous blog post on the global investigation into Volkswagen, there have been a number of developments, including a change in CEO and a comment from the board that the blame rests on individuals: “the unlawful behaviour of engineers and technicians involved in engine development shocked Volkswagen”.

  • Volkswagen

    The Volkswagen diesel emissions investigation continues to move rapidly. The US Environmental Protection Agency, has suggested Volkswagen could face penalties of up to $24 billion. Media has reported that the US Justice Department’s Environmental and Natural Resources Division has launched a criminal investigation (although this is not directly confirmed) and regulators in Europe, Canada and … Continue reading Volkswagen

  • SFO speeches at the Cambridge Symposium, September 2015

    Two senior officials at the SFO gave speeches at the 33rd Cambridge Symposium on Economic Crime. The Director of the SFO, David Green CB QC provided an overview of the work of the SFO. Most of his speech covered well worn ground, but perhaps two substantive points emerged:

  • Market abuse: FCA continues the civil route

    FCA secures High Court Judgment awarding injunction and over £7 million in penalties against five defendants for market … This case marks the first time that the FCA has obtained a permanent injunction and financial penalties in relation to market abuse.

  • Acquittals in CMA cartel case

    In a somewhat defensive statement, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) confirm that two defendants were acquitted by a jury after a prosecution under section 188 of the Enterprise Act 2002. (CMA statement following completion of criminal cartel prosecution – News stories – GOV.UK.)

  • Unexplained Wealth Orders

    Transparency International have published an interesting new report: Empowering the UK to recover corrupt assets: Unexplained Wealth Orders and other new approaches to illicit enrichment an… It addresses the ongoing problem of corrupt wealth being laundered through the UK.

  • FIFA

    One of the most high profile corruption investigation of all time kicked off yesterday, with arrest of several FIFA officials in Switzerland pursuant to a request from the US.

  • The Queen’s Speech May 2015

    There were no surprises in the Queen’s speech yesterday, but some significant developments for the world of business crime.